For the event »What’s the big deal about independence?« (-50° inclination) organised by HFMT Cologne, we were asked to design an information flyer. At the event, which consists of lectures and a performance, Nora Amin, Elsa Artmann, Maribeth Diggle and Eva Karczag give an insight (50° inclination) into their self-image as women in the artistic field and report on their experiences with self-assertion, resilience, helpful »stepping stones«, but also gender-specific prejudices and other hurdles.

»What’s the big deal about independence?«
Lecture series on the working methods and self-image of female artists in music and dance

April 16 – 19, 2024, ZZT Studio Theatre Turmstraße 3-5, 50733 Köln-Nippes

  • Year • 2024